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Website Design

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that the website and any scripts or programs are error-free, Green17 Creative cannot accept liability for any losses incurred due to failure or malfunction of the website or any part of it.

All website and graphics will remain the property of Green17 Creative until all accounts are paid in full.

Any code written by Green17 Creative (including all programming code in all coding languages, artwork, web and design source files including Adobe Flash source files) remains the copyright of Green17 Creative (unless prior agreement otherwise) and may only be reproduced or reused commercially with the permission of Green17 Creative.

Green17 Creative accepts no responsibility for copyright infringements caused by materials used and submitted to us by the Client. Green17 Creative reserve the right to refuse any material that it believes to contravene copyright laws unless proof is given that permission has been granted to use the material.

Green17 Creative will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines. Once designed, a draft version of the website will be made live for testing by the Client. Once this basic design has been agreed to via email or verbally, any major changes to the layout or general design may be chargeable.

Green17 Creative will not be liable or become involved in any disputes between the site owner and any other party and cannot be held responsible for any unlawful behavior or other wrongdoing by the site owner. If the site is hosted by Green17 Creative we will endeavor to maintain the website in a fully operational condition without errors. Green17 Creative cannot always guarantee that this will be the case and as such cannot accept liability for any defects which may exist, economic losses (including revenues and profits), loss of goodwill, reputation or any other consequential or indirect losses the client may suffer due to the use of the website or their inability to access the website.

Green17 Creative reserves the right to require a non-refundable deposit of 50% before any design work will be carried out this can be asked for at any stage in the project. Before the website is put live the final balance of payment is then due in accordance with our terms of payment. If the Client decides they no longer want the site, they are still obliged to pay for all work that has been done, i.e. if the site has been completed, all monies are now due for payment with no exception. Whilst every measure will be made to ensure compatibility with a wide range of web browsing software we can offer no guarantees of correct function with all browser software and cannot accept responsibility for loss of goodwill, reputation or any other consequential or indirect losses the client may suffer due to a third parties inability to access the website due to browser incompatibility.