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'Content17' Content Management Licence Fee

Yearly license fee for our website content management system 'Content17'.

Green17 use their own content management system, 'Content17', developed in-house to meet needs not met by other content management systems, Green17 use the latest online technology to create an innovative and very easy to use system to update the content on your Website through an secure online login.

Green17 provide the client the use of Content17 yearly based on a paying the licence fee as agreed in the clients proposal. This cost covers the hosting, updates and full support given by Green17.

Should you wish to cancel using Content17 please inform us by email/post within 14 days of receiving the invoice or you will incur the charges for next year.

Content17 yearly license payment is due within 30 days of invoice being issued each year. Invoice date is determined by completion date of website and will be emailed yearly to your billing department.

Please note access to update and edit your content through our content management system will cease upon non-payment of license.