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Working closely with WineFlair, Green17 has designed a beautiful, sleek and streamlined website complete with a full-fledged product and careers system to greatly improve the recruitment process. The CMS contains a product listing system which allows Wineflair to modify and update any offers they're currently running in a matter of seconds, as well as have them displayed on the homepage of the site. The offers section was designed to be eye-catching and readable. Green17 integrated a map system which allows customers to easily find their nearest store.

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Beautiful, responsive and mobile-focused

Sleek design and intuitive layout lets users navigate to any page clearly and quickly. Navigation is clearly illustrated and the whole website is completely optimised from top-to-bottom for viewing on mobile devices.

Easily-modified special offers tabs which clearly illustrate discounts and deals currently running

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Store Locator

Green17 understands the need for a clear and functional map which allows users to locate their nearest store. This aids in the sales process when combined with the special offers tabs that appear on the main site. If a user wishes to avail of an offer and doesn't know where that particular store is, they can easily find it in the store locator.

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Recruitment Section

Green17 have a wealth of experience in developing recruitment systems for organisations such as WineFlair, Moy Park and InterTradeIreland. Our solutions processed over 200,000 application forms in 2017 alone.

Enhancing The Candidate Experience

The careers page is easy to navigate, with users able to filter their search by location, job type, and via search box. The job description page allows users to download the job description but also features clear ‘Apply Now’ buttons, encouraging users to take action. Users are invited to register as an applicant or login if they have previously registered. Once signed in, a drop-down box asks which position they would like to apply for, eliminating any issues surrounding inputting incorrect job references.

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Building Your Talent Pools

The application process automatically stores the user’s data for the next application. The system gives greater usability for the applicant who can simply login and update or edit their existing information to suit the new job they wish to apply for. It is designed to reduce repetitive actions and frequent activities to make the process simpler and more productive for both administrators and end-users. This functionality makes it easy and convenient to re-apply for similar positions, which has proved to double the number of job applications received.