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An award-winning Northern Irish resource that helps make revision fun!

An award-winning Northern Irish resource that helps make revision fun!

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Transfer Toolbox

Bringing preparation for the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests into the digital age. (Formally known as is an award-winning, interactive resource for children participating in Northern Ireland Transfer Tests. It was founded by Emma Wilson, a fully-qualified NI Primary School teacher, who is passionate about developing useful and innovative resources that will benefit children and help them through their AQE preparation.

This online testing platform has gained a lot of support from the local community winning the Tech Award at Enterprise NI's annual award ceremony. Read more about our award.

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Winners of Tech Award 2016

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A similar look & feel to the AQE test for increased confidence

Each practice test created by My Transfer Test has been laid out in a similar style to the real AQE transfer test. Green17 Creative believe that this extra step has the potential to make a big difference for many children who will feel more confident when sitting the Northern Ireland transfer test if they are already familiar with the format and layout of the exam paper.

Advanced Topic Selection to suit different learning styles

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My Transfer Test’s focus on topic-based design makes it easy to suit a variety of children's learning styles. Whether they would like to test on just a single topic, a selection of topics, or a random collection of questions before taking the transfer test just highlight selected choices from the revision dashboard and click Start to begin testing – it’s that easy!

Detailed results to track progress

With 4 English topics and 16 Maths topics to learn it can be difficult to know from one overall score which areas your child needs to concentrate on before the transfer test. Unlike any other transfer test revision tools currently available, My Transfer Test goes one step further and provides a detailed breakdown by topic. Traffic light style colour coding with red, amber and green topics makes it easy to see at a glance which areas are answered best and which areas need more attention before test day.

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A great for teachers & tutors

My Transfer Test's interactive and self-marking tests are a valuable resource for teachers and private tutors too, who can focus more time on teaching each transfer test topic, rather than marking paper tests. The revision dashboard lets them see at a glance what topic each child is excelling at (both within and outside the tutoring session) and which require more attention and understanding before they sit the transfer test.