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Rebranding one of Belfast's global tech leaders

Rebranding one of Belfast's global tech leaders

Titan Ic Logo

Titan IC

Based in the heart of Northern Ireland's science and technology park, Titan IC (previously Titanic Systems) is a global leader in security analytics and works with several of the largest ISPs in the world, including Amazon Web Services. Green17 recently worked with the Titan IC team to rejuvenate the brand which included a new logo and branding, a new website and a range of marketing materials to help promote their brand at global conferences in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Washington DC and further afield. 

Titan IC's new website helps the company to explain their technology more simply whilst still providing the detail required for its target customers who will have in depth knowledge of the security analytics market. 

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Simplifying the concept through animation

The target demographic may be actively engaged with this complex technology, however, it's also important to provide a more simplified explanation for those in the decision-making process who may hold a lot of power financially, but have limited knowledge of the technology and its benefits. Green17 created a visual storyboard and developed a 30-second homepage animation using Hype which is more suitable for all types of website users, to give a brief overview of Titan IC and its services to the tech industry. 

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Bright new branding to stand out from the crowd

The Titan IC brand is now much more powerful than its predecessor, using black and orange throughout all online and offline marketing channels. This helps the company to stand out and attract customers at trade shows and large conferences where Titan IC gains the majority of its sales leads. 

The opportunity was also taken to move away from the common connotations with the famous Belfast ship, and the branding reflects this with its visual separation of Titan and IC.

A clearly defined product range for customer convenience

With a range of products available from IP to chip solutions it's important for website users to be able to understand the key benefits of each solution and work out which could be best for their business needs as it moves into the next cycle of innovation.  Green17's new website design gives each product clearly defined sections for a brief overview, image, benefits and applications. 

A clear call-to-action has been purposefully placed on each product page to encourage users can quickly and easily get in touch with the team at Titan IC for more tailored information on how the technology can adapt to fit each individual business model. We have also equipped the new website with a login feature for clients which allows them to access exclusive resources and confidential documents from Titan IC relating to their account. This makes sharing large files easy and secure, as well as easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Titan IC manage this internally through the website's new CMS and control what documents are available to each client. 

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