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Moy Park HR Recruitment System

Moy Park HR Recruitment System


Moy Park Careers

Moy Park employs over 12,000 people, with a diverse workforce split over 12 sites in the UK, Ireland and Europe. To handle such large numbers, Green17 focused on improving usability for the careers team at Moy Park by analysing its current situation through staff interviews and Google Analytics.

Through extensive research, it was determined that users often applied for multiple jobs over a long period of time, and so Green17 ensured the new online application process automatically stored the user’s data for the next application. This was developed in accordance with the data protection guidelines and information on applicants is automatically cleansed based.

The new system displays strong usability for the applicant who can now simply login and update or edit their existing information to suit the new job they wish to apply for. Reduction of repetitive actions and frequent activities to make the process simpler and more productive for both administrators and end-users.

See it Live

Easy to digest application process

UX research has shown that users are more inclined to perform a complex action if it is broken down into several small steps.

Green17 deconstructed the long complex online application form down into 5 key steps, allowing the users to jump back and forth and save drafts as they wish. A clear progress bar shows what is remaining to complete before submission. Green17 provided several mistake-prevention techniques such as checking the application form as the user typed to show all inputs on the page which had be filled in and ensuring that the right type of data was input e.g. dates, email addresses.


Preview before submission.

Green17 provided a preview function for candidates to view their application in full. Applicants at this stage would still have the option to go back and make any necessary changes before they submit.

The preview section also alerts users to any sections they may have missed.

Submitted Applications

It isn't unusual to see candidates apply for more than one role at Moy Park and with that in mind, Green17 created a login section which allows users to apply for roles and also keep track of submitted applications.

Applicants can view the date on which they submitted their application and download a copy for their own records. When users want to make another application, they can review each section they have previously completed and amend these as they wish before submitting. Submissions are stored in accordance to Moy Park's GDPR policy.


Human Resources


Bespoke dashboard interface

Following submission, the forms were automatically emailed to the most appropriate HR staff member based on the job description. Green17 built a bespoke dashboard interface and application management system to automate the previously paper-based system, which was designed around the user experience of the administrators, making it easy to manage thousands of applicants and send pre-written responses to groups of applicants within just a few clicks.

Custom Interview Scheduler

As part of the dashboard interface Green17 created a custom interview scheduler which automatically calculates times for each interview, allowing the admin to edit these using drag and drop features, and insert breaks for lunch where necessary. All pre-written letters can then be automatically scheduled with customised information input into key areas e.g. interview location, interview time. Permissions for the system are also highly customised, with admins only able to view applications for which they are responsible e.g. within a certain department or location to maximise Moy Park’s commitment to internal security, confidentiality and data protection.