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Providing valuable business support to SMEs through a user-friendly website experience on every device.

Providing valuable business support to SMEs through a user-friendly website experience on every device.



Green17 have been partnering with InterTradeIreland for over 6 years, providing effective solutions to their online needs and business objectives. During this time we have designed and developed a number of key features for the website to provide users throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland with an increasingly useful resource for business support online.

Consistent tracking of website performance and regular audits ensure that users are always at the forefront of design, functionality and accessibility, and results to date reflect how our recommended changes have increased the online experience for InterTradeIreland's various user groups.

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Increase in visitors within 5 months of working together


109%Rise in mobile traffic since making the site responsive in 2013

first time visitors this year

InterTradeIreland's 'five families' branding concept was integrated seamlessly online to provide a solid architecture of their wide range of services, helping users to quickly identify the programmes which meet their relevant business needs.

  • ITI-improve-sub-brand
  • ITI-succeed-sub-brand
  • ITI-sales-sub-brand
  • ITI-know-sub-brand
  • ITI-key-sub-brand

Green17's designers worked to incorporate this throughout all sections via branded banners, colour-coded buttons, page headings and more. As InterTradeIreland serves cross-border markets we've added sublte features for added user convenience e.g. the website will display Euro or Pound Sterling depending on the user's IP address to save time with currency conversions.

g17 iti 04

Effective Project Management

Open communication channels are key when partnering with our clients. Green17 have frequent meetings, calls and emails with the InterTradeIreland team which works to clearly define all objectives at each stage of the process and bring ideas to the table for valuable discussion. We aim to provide a service which is proactive, and not simply reactive to queries and issues.

ITI-ipad-landscape ITI-magnifying-circle

Visually-Led Design

An intuitive and visual layout helps users find what they’re looking quickly and easily. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile, key content is clear to find, access and understand at a glance.

Finding Publications is Fast

Reports and other public documents are expertly categorised, searched and filtered for users’ convenience, with front covers of documents displayed for easy identification.

ITI-browser-research ITI-magnifying-research
ITI-browser-comments ITI-magnifying-circle-comments

Start Discussions Online

InterTradeIreland encourage and attract users to share their views and comments on their reports to rate their usefulness in today's market. Users can easily leave comments using their social accounts and these are easily moderated and responded to by admins for effective internal management.

Everything you need to know, in one place

Each programme page has been strategically designed to ensure that the key features, benefits and eligibility criteria are immediately apparent to help confidently match users to a business programme which suits them. Calls to action at the bottom of the page give direction to all users to apply, contact an InterTradeIreland advisor or find an alternative, more suitable programme for their business.

Wa Finalist Iti Green17Creative 2

Web Awards Finalist 2016

We were pleased to announce that InterTradeIreland's website was shortlisted for Best Government/ Local Governmnent Website in the Realex Payments Web Awards 2016, held in Dublin in September 2016. 

Green17 Creative provide everything we need in terms of InterTradeIreland's web and app development. They are always approachable and response times are fast and always reliable.They don't simply just do what is asked of them, they often come up with insightful ideas and new approaches to solving problems.

We enjoy working with them as a valued extension to the InterTradeIreland Communications Team.