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An engaging & valuable e-learning resource for teachers across Northern Ireland

An engaging & valuable e-learning resource for teachers across Northern Ireland

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Global Learning Programme NI

The Centre for Global Education chose to partner with us as their digital specialists to facilitate the rollout of a new Global Learning Programme throughout primary, secondary and special schools in Northern Ireland. Together we identified range of key objectives for the project including showcasing the value of the programme through intuitive and engaging website design as well as providing a resource hub for teachers enrolled in the course.

The programme has proven very successful in its first year, attracting more than 7,000 website users and 36,000 page views. Over 250 teachers have enrolled and received training throughout the province. The majority of exposure has been driven by digital marketing efforts which have included Facebook advertising and email marketing strategies. 

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website users in the first year

* Figures shown within first 12 months of website launch


Engaging through animation

The Global Learning Programme team were very open to creating something fresh and different from other course providers within the UK, so our team of web designers set to work on a more colourful, engaging website design which would appeal to their target users of teachers and students alike. 

An animated banner dominates above the fold displaying the key aims of the Global Learning Programme through three custom-built images. Calls to action are presented alongside each action to lead users to fundamental pages on the website where they can register for the programme, learn more about global learning and discover the benefits to schools, teachers and pupils. 

Expertly designed for every device

Mobile and tablet traffic continues to dominate user trends making it essential to design websites with mobile in mind, and keep user-friendliness at the fore. Global Learning Programme's website scales intelligently to fit each device making it easy to scroll and navigate using touch screen technology. We believe that screen size should never affect page speed and work to optimise all images for ultimate compatibility, compressing files and reducing calls for faster web page loading.

It's important to note that Google also uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, impacting its search results to ensure that users find it easier to retrieve relevant, high quality search results optimised for their devices.

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School Profile

A custom user experience for each teacher

Each teacher involved with the programme is able to login to their individual online profile where they update their personal details, track their progress on the course and store any notes on their training for safekeeping. With this feature GLP admins also give teachers access to a library of exclusive resources including teaching plans, activities and guides.uploaded via the user-friendly Content Management System.

The exclusivity factor encourages participation from teachers who can meet a new community and receive valuable information and actions through this online resource.

Online progress tracking for accurate individual assessment

Allowing teachers to track their own progress gives them control over their own learning to identify strengths and weaknesses throughout the duration of the course.The Member section provides an interactive checklist which poses questions and allows teachers to agree future actions to work on. 

Once stages 5 and 9 are complete each teacher is awarded with personalised Level 1 and 2 certificates (respectively) to recognise and commend their achievement. 

Global Learning Programme certificates are automatically personalised to each teacher and can be downloaded automatically from the website in PDF format for easy printing.

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Message System

Engagement with a new community

A popular feature of the secure members section is messaging which enables teachers to chat to one another privately or in groups about the programme without needing personal email details. As they enrol, teachers are invited to opt-into the messaging address list which will allow them to chat and share their experiences. Each account links to a private email address and sends notifications to alert teachers that new messages are waiting in their GLP account.

This feature encourages members to engage and interact with one another outside the training days and creates a strong support network for teachers involved across Northern Ireland.

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Capturing the Learning Experience 

Often the most effective encouragement for online visitors is to read and view images showing other people's experiences of the programme. With this in mind, we designed a gallery which the team update regularly to show the activities and training sessions which are part of the programme. This really helps to visually demonstrate the return on investment of the programme for teachers and course coordinators. 

Green 17 developed our flagship website, which promotes an educational programme for schools. We are all extremely happy with the end result. I've managed several websites during my career, but this one is definitely the most attractive and easiest to update via the back end.

I have found the Green 17 team a delight to work with. They offer excellent advice and will steer you in the right direction during the development stages and beyond. They are particularly strong in their design work and create engaging visuals. Last but not least, they are always quick to respond to any requests for assistance and will do so in a very amicable way!