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A tailored & simplified user experience for homeowners

A tailored & simplified user experience for homeowners

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Garage Door Systems

Green17 has worked with Garage Door Systems (GDS) for several years and recently led the redevelopment of their website to improve the user experience for their target audiences in Northern Ireland, ROI and mainland UK. With a wide range of products and services available combined with the prospect of limited customer knowledge we felt it was important to focus on a benefit-led and more simplistic e-commerce strategy for this project. 

The primary goal of the website is to quickly educate the user on which door best meets their needs and to offer a helping hand throughout the purchasing process from research to post-purchase aftercare. Garage Door Systems has an expert Customer Care team who have the knowledge and experience of each product to ensure that the customer gets the right door to suit their home. 

In terms of overall UX design, we took some well-established principles from within the commerce world and applied those to the Garage Door Systems website. The only difference was that a "transaction" or "conversion" would be a website enquiry as opposed to a payment.      

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Simplicity around every corner

Many customers like advice from an expert to give them the confidence to buy the most suitable product which will fully meet their needs. Green17's new website design is consistently structured through every page to give users clear and simple direction at every stage of the user journey.

Too much choice can often reduce conversions and confuse customers therefore we significantly reduced the number of buttons or calls to action on the previous website to focus on one simple message - to call the Garage Door Systems team for a no-obligation quote. 

All about the Customer

Focusing on the benefits of each door rather than its technical specifications was another conscious change to the website design for Garage Door Systems. At the initial researching stage of the buying process customers often find too much technical jargon offputting, whereas a more benefit-led approach helps to influence their decision and encourages them to explore the product in more detail.

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A Modern Look & Feel for the Recognised Brand

Garage Door Systems is a leading garage door manufacturer in Northern Ireland and its new website design centres on building upon that established brand by adding a modern look and feel with stronger brand consistency throughout. A reduced colour palette helps achieve this - the brand's famous red with yellow highlights weaving their way throughout each page of the website design for a professional and contemporary look and feel for the brand.

The website redesign has been very successful since its launch, increasing customer conversions by more than 50% compared to the previous year. Green17 are continuing to work with Garage Door Systems on other aspects of its digital marketing strategy to help strengthen its online presence and retain its position as a household name.

We have partnered with Green 17 for the previous 6 years. In that time our website presence has developed significantly and continues to develop with the input and help from Adrian, Kathy & Team. We now appreciate that a good profitable web presence is not a fit and forget project. It needs constant attention, improvement and challenge. As a small company we depend on the experience, help and assistance Green17 Creative provide to ensure we drive value from our online visibility. I would highly recommend them.