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7 websites reimagined into new comprehensive online presence

7 websites reimagined into new comprehensive online presence


Co-Innovate Programme

Lagan Specialist Contracting Group came to us for help to move beyond their outdated online presence and create a completely new experience for their new and existing users.

Working closely with the Lagan SCG team, Green17 has relaunched a single content management platform platform that now allows for design flexibility and individuality for each brands whilst maintaining the widely recognised Lagan SCG identity.

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Our Strategic Approach

Our team worked closely with Moy Park to evaluate their 13 individual sites and determine the best way forward for the company's new unified digital presence. Close attention was paid to visual language, site structure and navigation to determine a strong, fit for purpose design.

ipad-wireframe-landscape magnifying-circle

Highlighting key information to consumers

Engaging graphics and icons were designed for individual sections of the website, to provide key information to users at a glance. For example, industry standard traffic light labels highlight nutritional information about each Moy Park product, and encourage consumers to make healthier and informed choices when it comes to menu planning.

Sub-brands on the website are primarily recognised through mastheads with their original logo to allow each to maintain its distinct identity, without compromising the overall Moy Park identity.

  • mclarnon-sub-mast-head
  • albertvanzoonen-sub-mast-head
  • kitchen-range-sub-mast-head
  • okane-sub-mast-head

Flexibility & individuality combined in our winning grid system

The versatile grid we crafted opens up a highly optimised website experience which fluidly combines design and practicality. This clean layout is used for all brand and sub-brand landing pages to promote key content with quick shortcuts using the tiles. Our team designed the responsive grid to allow for several different looks, whilst still ensuring that it's intuitive for the user to navigate through each section of the Moy Park site.

moy-park-desktop-mockup moy-park-desktop-col moy-park-desktop-guides
moy-park-ipad-mockup moy-park-ipad-cols moy-park-ipad-guides
moy-park-iphone-mockup moy-park-iphone-col moy-park-iphone-guides

Assigning individual colours helps to make this an intuitive experience for users, who instantly recognise the sub brands.

  • albert-sub-brand
  • castlelea-sub-brand
  • kitchenrange-sub-brand
  • foodservice-sub-brand
  • dublin-sub-brand
  • mckey-sub-brand
  • moypark-sub-brand
  • okane-sub-brand
  • mclarnon-sub-brand
  • moypark

Managing & Updating the site independently

The new Moy Park website is built within a highly secure and robust Content Management System which is straightforward for daily management by staff. To ensure strict control over website content the system follows a smooth workflow with a preview and approval process for editors and managers as well as detailed audit trails and versions of content allowing for quick and easy rollbacks.

The CMS provides the ability to easily and accurately translate content into several languages which helps Moy Park to communicate better to their global audiences and reach their international objectives.