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A new and innovative design which projects a professional look and feel

A new and innovative design which projects a professional look and feel

Chgolf Logo

Castlereagh Hills Golf Course

Green17 was tasked with designing and developing a new and improved website which represented the look and feel of Castlereagh Hill Golf Course whilst maintaining a professional yet innovative approach.

Castlereagh Hills Golf Course website was designed with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council in mind and incorporates the design language of the current range of sites into Castlereagh Hills. This ensures that whilst the new website has its own voice and style, there is also an overall consistency in the design and functionality with the sister sites. This allows the user to seamlessly navigate between facility and program websites.

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Interactive overview of the course

Green17 designed and developed a fully interactive overview of the course which was illustrated using Google Maps. The overview now shows a layout for each individual hole and a brief description of the hole.

Green17 created an interactive rollover to navigate to each hole, allowing the user to quickly view details of each hole.

Green17 have highlighted booking online and special offers both in the navigation and on the homepage to ensure they are easily visible and accessible to clients.

The highlights section allows the user to get a visual overview of what the site is offering in an attractive yet informative way.

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