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Andrew Ingredients Leading Bakery Supplier

Andrew Ingredients Leading Bakery Supplier

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Andrew Ingredients

Andrew Ingredients is one of Northern Ireland’s leading bakery suppliers, providing high quality ingredients to the food and hospitality industries across Ireland. With an extensive product range and a new test bakery for advanced customer support the team at Andrew Ingredients required a new and improved website to professionally communicate with its customers and provide an engaging user experience on desktop, mobile and tablets.

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Explore the product range

With thousands of products available to order, Andrew Ingredients required a well-planned and highly categorized product section which can be easily navigated and ensure that visitors can always find what they’re looking for. Details of each product are clearly displayed as well as related products for added convenience when creating an order.

Fresh Recipes Ideas for baking professionals

Andrew Ingredients prides itself on its outstanding customer support and the recipes section is an area where customers can find innovative new ideas and serving suggestions using Andrew Ingredients’ products to extend their own food ranges. Each recipe can be emailed, downloaded or printed, and recipes can be quickly converted from metric to imperial units, as necessary.

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Quick and simple searching

The importance of integrating a powerful search feature to sites like Andrew Ingredients should always be a key consideration during a website design project. Users on the new Andrew Ingredients website now can quickly search for a product or recipe from any area of the website.

Send a Shopping List

For added customer convenience each product can be added or removed from a shopping list at the click of a button. A combined list can then be sent directly to Andrew Ingredients for an individual quote directly from its sales team. This new feature has been widely used since the site’s launch and helps visitors to engage directly with the brand through a convenient online application.

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Celebrating 70 years of family business

Bill Andrew founded Andrew Ingredients in 1945 and the company is proud to still continue as a family-run business over 70 years later. The new website features and interactive timeline marking the historical milestones from moving premises, to awards and recognition for excellence. Photographs bring a more personal touch to the brand and promote the importance of people at Andrew Ingredients, who keep the brand moving forward into the future.