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InterTradeIreland's Graduate Programme gets a new look

InterTradeIreland's Graduate Programme gets a new look

InterTradeIreland manages one of the most popular graduate programmes in Ireland, partnering recent graduates with businesses throughout Ireland working in the fields of science, engineering and technology. The organisation asked Green17 Creative to come up with a new concept for the microsite which could further distinguish itself as separate from its corporate website branding in order to appeal better to young graduates, who are the target audience for the site. 

Our approach to this new design was to provide a contemporary website design using current design trends in 2017 whilst maintaining elements of the corporate branding, as the microsite sits firmly within InterTradeIreland's corporate website. Particular attention was placed on providing a highly intuitive UX experience for graduates on all screens including mobile users, who are the largest demographic of users on the site, according to previous traffic analysis.

Visit the InterTradeIreland Graduate Programme Microsite.

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