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Launch of Moy Park's Graduate Programme

As current website partners for Moy Park, Green17 recently developed and launched a new microsite for the Moy Park Graduate Programme. Moy Park is Northern Ireland’s largest employer and viewed their new corporate website as a welcome opportunity to re-brand the Graduate Programme for 2016 with a fresh new look and feel, moving away from the more traditional industrial and factory environment. 

The programme offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for recent graduates from across Northern Ireland, the UK and Europe and priority was placed through our design on how best to appeal to this particular demographic.

Green17’s inventive design boldly embraces colour, a clean single-page scrolling layout and subtle animation to introduce users to the Moy Park Graduate Programme. User experience was key to this microsite to allow graduates to quickly determine the programme's benefits, requirements and process for applying for the available positions online.

The simple four step application process prepares them for what to expect and a list of FAQs helps to answer any common questions they may have.

The white-line pathway guides graduates as they scroll down the page, bringing images to life and leading them through each piece of key information until they fully understand the programme and want to apply through Moy Park's newly improved online recruitment solution.

Experience the site at

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