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A fresh design for InterTradeIreland's All-Island Trade Statistics

As InterTradeIreland’s web partners we’re always looking for ways to keep the site fresh for users and make it easier to manage internally for the InterTradeIreland communications team. The Trade Statistics section of the website provides a comprehensive overview of cross-border flows on the island of Ireland using a range of tables and charts.  In recent years it has become more difficult to update and with the growing shift towards mobile browsing it had become a little outdated, with tables and graphs working responsively on mobile and tablets.

Working together with the InterTradeIreland team, we have successfully launched a new online hub with interactive and animated graphs, charts and tables to accurately present Trade Statistics information in an attractive and easily understood format, tailored to every screen size.

The key aims of the redeveloped Trade Statistics section is to make each set of collated data easy to understand and filter by online website visitors, with a visually appealing layout which adheres to InterTradeIreland’s corporate branding. We’ve chosen to store the data in an alternative way so that it will load quickly even on slower internet connections, and uploading new data is now easier than ever for administrators using MS Excel files.

The animated charts allow users to drill down into important data which helps them to fully understand their business market and compare trends between NI, ROI as well as the rest of Europe. They can filter by year, by categories and can easily switch between currencies (Euro and Great British Pound) as well as downloading the data in MS Excel format for business use.

The finished section is now much more accessible to users and provides a more positive and engaging user experience.

Experience InterTradeIreland’s new Trade Statistics section now at:

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