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CFNHRI launches its new responsive website

CFNHRI launches its new responsive website

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has recently taken the chair of the CFNHRI, helping to promote its work across the world.

The Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (CFNHRI) is an informal and inclusive body of Commonwealth National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and other national accountability mechanisms with a human rights mandate. 

Green17 partnered with NIHRC to design and develop a new website for CFNHRI using responsive web design to cater to an increasing demographic of mobile and tablet users, who previously had issues with viewing on their devices.

Working closely with the NIHRC team, we created a fresh design concept for the site which revolves around a tiled layout to better display the diverse content, imagery and video content of the organisation and its various topical issues. News and Events and NHRI Spotlight are the key sections of the website with highly informative articles in issues such as land rights and current legislation across the world.

A new and improved CMS solution was installed to the site to allow more security and flexibility to administrative staff who will continue to manage the website on a daily basis. 

Green17 enjoyed collaborating with NIHRC on this project and look forward to helping with the online promotion of CFNHRI's valuable work going forward. 

Check out the new website at

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