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Is it Time to update your Website?

Is it Time to update your Website?
Is it Time to update your Website?
Is it Time to update your Website?

Okay, so you already have a company or organisation website set up where you can direct customers to find out more information. Job done, right?

If you want to make your online presence work for your business, then unfortunately, that's not the case.

Although it may be tempting to keep that company budget for other things, investing in your online presence is very important, and very worthwhile. New technology and fresh approaches to design work towards creating and increasing positive and enjoyable user experiences, which in turn generate higher conversion rates for businesses. And with so many new features available proven to have multiple benefits for businesses around the world, the question is...

Why would you want to be left in the dark?

In light of this, Green17 have come up with four primary indicators that it might be time to take the plunge and think about updating your website:

1. Your current website uses dated technology

Nothing detracts customers more than slow loading times and outdated software, which is not compatible with their new tablets and phones, not to mention dated designs that don't reflect the company's brand. Web design is continually evolving and it's important to keep up in order to maintain an optimum end user experience and project your company image as a modern, forward-thinking brand. Investing in new web technology will ensure you maintain and attract customers, in turn leading to increased business success.

2. It's all about you

If this best describes your site then don't worry, you are not alone. For many years company websites were heavily focused on their own story, clients and achievements. Now, however, it's all about the interactive user experience; your customers have opinions and they want to share them with you – and don't worry they're probably good! Positive feedback and interaction with customers is one of the most effective ways to boost sales and reputation, so make sure your site allows visitors to get involved via social media like Twitter and Facebook, online polls, comment sections and more – it's time to start sharing!

3. Static Content

Similarly, the days of uploading basic information to your website then neglecting it are gone. The best websites are recognised as resources for current and frequent updating of interesting content. These updates needn't be lengthy, but frequent posting of short articles on company blogs and interacting on social media lets the world know that your business is growing, evolving and working hard to achieve its aims.

In order to do this, a good content management system (CMS) is required, where copy can be created, edited and updated quickly and easily by a variety of users, ensuring your web content is always fresh.

4. You're not mobile friendly

If your website is not fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices, then the time has come to update your online presence. Mobile access is rapidly overtaking PC usage when it comes to browsing the web meaning it's now more important than ever to make your website compatible with multiple screen sizes and resolutions. This is done using responsive web design, which allows all elements of your website to fully adjust to any size, realigning and re-proportioning script and images to maintain a clean and user friendly look and feel, no matter how you are accessing the site. See our article on Responsive Web Design here.

The online world is all about change and that, in our humble opinion, is what keeps it so exciting. If you would like to chat to one of our team about the best way to refresh your site, contact us at or on 028 9099 2317.

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