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Green17 help local businesses discover how to use social media

Green17 help local businesses discover how to use social media

A big thank you to all the attendees, local business owners and entrepreneurs who packed out Down County Museum on the 16th September for what was Down District Council’s flagship business outreach programme – Beyond. Intended as both an educational and networking opportunity, businesses were treated to an unexpected and welcome warm-up by local comedian Tim McGarry, of ‘Give My Head Peace’ fame and then it was down to business. On the agenda, a series of expert advice clinics and seminars covering marketing and advertising, using FaceBook for business, ecommerce and renewable energies/technologies.

Green17 Creative and our partner content providers, ButterSideUp Communications, jointly delivered the FaceBook seminar, with a particular emphasis on social media strategies and technologies and the key role content plays within the digital marketing mix. Presenting the attendees with insightful and thought provoking statistics offered a real sense of why social media activity now plays an equally critical role, in driving new business, to the world of offline marketing and advertising. This was an important opportunity to dispel many of the myths and misunderstandings about FaceBook which, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, were inhibiting the business owners from making best use of the technology.

From this aspect alone, the seminar proved a valuable exercise but with the explanations and demonstrations of the various social media technologies (i.e. TweetDeck,, case study presentations and detailed reviews of the analytics available, it was clear how the seminar was pitched just right for what was a varied and diverse audience make-up. Added to this was an in-depth content component which looked closely at the direct links between developing good content (blogs, video, podcasts etc) and how, working with the technology, it can raise visibility, quickly intensify consumer interest and provide easier access to a wider market.

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