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Add some sparkle to your Christmas marketing campaigns

5 festive ideas for your Christmas marketing campaigns

Christmas marketing campaigns have become the new normal in recent years thanks to brands like John Lewis (we all want a dog like Buster!)  and often lead to increased revenue over the Christmas period so it's important for organisations to recognise the importance of this annual holiday and the impact it can have on increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.  

With this in mind we’ve compiled a few festive ideas to help your brand stand out from the crowd this Christmas.

Send Email Xmas

1. Send a Christmas Email Campaign

Whether you want to promote a Christmas offer, reward customer loyalty or simply just thank customers for supporting you throughout the year, email campaigns are a fantastic way to reach people directly with your chosen message.

To make your Christmas email campaign stand out in your customer’s inbox its important to make a strong first impression through a cleverly crafted email subject which ensures a high open-rate and combine this with a fun, imaginative design. For every Christmas email campaign it's important to target customers effectively rather than take a one-size-fits all approach. Always remember that you aren’t the only one sending Christmas campaigns and customer inboxes can quickly become swamped with these, so show a little extra thought by mentioning customers by name in the subject line, or referencing their recent purchase. This will lead to higher engagement levels from your customers and promote your brand as professional and friendly.

Calls to action in Christmas email campaigns are also very important. Engage your customers directly by adding buttons like “Get this offer” or “Shop now” which click directly through to specific pages of your website. You should always be aiming to make the process as easy as possible for your customers and think of ways to make their experience enjoyable and hassle-free. 

Finally, when it comes to designing email campaigns mobile users must always be considered. Many people will first engage with your campaign through their smartphone, therefore your Christmas email design must be responsive for all devices so as not to get lost in translation for this large user group. 

Here at Green17 Creative we create Christmas email campaigns for several of our clients, so talk to us today if you're interested in sending something a little different this year. Get in touch about email marketing.

Design Xmas

2. Add some Christmas design to your website & social banners

Every Christmas we venture bravely into the attic and bring down the decorations to light up our homes and celebrate the festive season, so why not do this on our websites and social channels too?

Christmas web design brings fun and imagination to your website to delight your customers and encourage them to keep browsing. Similarly to decorating your home you can be as wacky or discreet as you like, from twinkling Christmas trees and animated snow falling to a clever re-think of your logo to add a wintry Christmas look and feel - the choice is yours.

At Green17 we will create your Christmas look and feel in a clever way that’s easy to switch on and off meaning that, like most of our own decorations, it can be re-used for a few weeks every Christmas at no extra cost!

Many brands also design custom Christmas banner images for Facebook covers and Twitter profiles during the month of December to get involved in holiday cheer and send some Christmas greetings – there’s lots of ways to get your brand into the Christmas spirit!

Layout Xmas

3. Design a Christmas Landing Page

If you want to promote a particular offer or product then custom designed Christmas landing pages are highly effective marketing tools for capturing users’ attention and converting them into paying customers.

Whether your brand is promoted through paid Adwords campaigns or social media advertising these pages will be the users first engagement with your brand’s website and should be specially tailored in accordance with the adverts seasonal message to ensure the user is presented with specially tailored content which sparks their interest from the beginning to end of their user journey.

Remember that you don't have to go down the route of offering discounts on your Christmas landing pages to attract attention, an eye-catching design with seasonal imagery and a clear focus on the benefits of the product or service you offer will often help persuade people that you can provide exactly what they're looking for. We'll happily answer any questions you have about the best ways to promote your product or service at Christmas so feel free to get in touch.

Example: Next Christmas landing page

This year big brand retailer Next have created a striking Christmas landing page with clear messaging and simple navigation to choose gifts for all the family. Each image has been curated to delight the customer with a variety of products categorized by family member and the design encourages them to click through for more details. The stars above "Fashion your Perfect Christmas” even twinkle for that extra special Christmas touch.

Xmass Facebook

4. Run a Christmas competition on Facebook

Everyone loves to win something, and so running a Facebook competition this Christmas is a great way to raise your brand awareness and engage with people in a fun and interactive way. Make your competitions as social as you can to capture the attention of users across Facebook and help promote your Christmas message across user timelines.

From simple gifts like Christmas hampers to more luxury gifts like holidays or hotel breaks get people interested in your brand by offering some enticing prizes that make perfect Christmas presents.

Why not ask users to snap a Christmas selfie, or share the worst Christmas gifts they’ve received to help add some humour to your competition? This idea helps make things more sharable and here's another quick tip -  be sure to invite anyone who has liked the post to like your page.

However, be careful to stick to Facebook’s guidelines for competitions, as they can be quite strict about these.

Read Facebook Guidelines

Xmass Gift

5. Offer Christmas Gift Suggestions

To set your website up for successful selling over the Christmas period its important to review your product or service, and make website visitors aware that these will make perfect Christmas gifts. Customer reviews or recommendations are one of the best ways to give your brand the trust and recognition it needs to succeed, so make sure these are prominent on both the homepage and special categories of your website menu. Your target customers are currently looking for Christmas gift ideas so you'll need to show them that your product is the perfect choice for their loved one this year.

Example: Boots UK

Boots always do this well by showcasing their best-selling gift ideas in attractive ways to engage customers and capture their attention as quickly as possible. The design of "star gifts" with easy-to-read price points and savings is confident and clear for the user and this combined with luxurious photography makes each product seem like the perfect Christmas gift for under the tree this year.

Need some help with your December marketing strategy?

Whatever your Christmas marketing campaign is this holiday season get in touch with us if you think we can help add something special to your digital marketing efforts this year. We're a festive bunch so we'll gladly talk about your Christmas ideas and the best ways to turn these into reality on your website and social channels,  as well as through targeted Christmas email campaigns.

Happy Christmas marketing, everyone!

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